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Ascending & Descending Comping Exercises

I have always been a big fan of limiting exercises. For example, I have heard Jim Hall, Mick Goodrich, and John Abercrombie talk about practicing improvising on only one string, or a pair of strings. Placing restrictions while practicing is … Continue reading

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Comping Jazz Part One: Fill in the Blanks

The word comp comes from accompany or compliment. Playing a supportive role to a soloist or vocalist shouldn’t be seen as a dull or mundane duty. It is in fact very rewarding and challenging. It is another form of improvisation … Continue reading

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Some ideas for bands with both guitar and piano

When I began playing in groups with pianists, I quickly realized that there are some special considerations that need to be taken into account. The problems I encountered were that piano and guitar often have the same function. We also … Continue reading

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