Mike Stern Chord Transcription: Like Someone in Love (pt.2)

Vic Juris a second look

Vic Juris: A Second Look

As promised, here is the second part of “Like Someone in Love” Transcription from Mike Stern’s album Standards and other Songs. You may say to yourself, “Self, why did Rob make a separate post to the outro of the transcription?”. Perhaps you are wondering why am I featuring a Vic Juris album in this post. Excellent questions. Yes, we are going to look at the final section of the transcription, but more than that,  over the next few posts, I want to highlight an awesome technique that will change the way you play and think about chords. Instead of seeing chords as shapes, we will try to see them as a pool of notes.  I learned about the following from a number of sources, such as Tuck Andress, Mick Goodrick, Jon Daiman, Vic Juris and about 100 piano players. Guitarists tend to learn to play a handful of jazz guitar chords and never really get into this technique.  But the benefits and sheer joy of “improvising voicings” is something that will help you to the next level.  These ideas are lurking in the background of this transcription and therefore demand special attention.    Enough said… let’s get into it.

The Raw Material (Mike Stern Ending Vamp, Like someone in Love)

Like Someone In Love Stern Solo Page 1

Like Someone In Love Stern Solo Page 1

Like Someone In Love Stern Solo Page 2

Like Someone In Love Stern Solo Page 2


I have created a palette of voicings used during this solo.  I have arranged them from low melody note to high.  The idea here is to free improvise with these sounds.  Stand up, play with the backing track (below), pretend you are Mike Stern in from of 10000 fans.  Sing the melody note as you play.  Have Fun!

Mike Stern Palette "Like Someone Ending Vamp"

Mike Stern Palette “Like Someone Ending Vamp”

Backing Track

Mike Stern Books and DVDs

Essential Mike Stern Recordings

Mike has played on so many great albums! Have a look at his discography for a full list.

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