Jazz up your minor Blues

10 roads through a minor blues

Bill Evans

Bill Evans

Today I thought I would extend my last post Jazz up your blues, and turn my attention to minor blues. One great way to get these new changes into you head, is to use them for your own compositions. Pick a set of changes you like and have at it. Writing songs is a lot like learning to play an instrument. The more you do it, the better you get at it and the better you understand how the harmony sounds and works. So here is today’s humble offering. 10 roads through a minor blues:

Some things to think about.

  • Mix and match the progressions. Create your own variations by using bits and pieces of the 10 listed.
  • Target the hip notes. Roots and 5ths are very bland while 3rds, 7s, 9s, 11s and such have so much more color and can really spiff up a blues.
  • Practice in all keys and use a metronome or some backing tracks.
  • Do loads of listening(I have some suggestions below), if you can get these sounds in your ears and head, you are more than half way to getting them in you hands.
  • Try singing a solo as you play the changes.

The Raw Material

10 minor blues variations

10 minor blues variations

Backing Tracks

Sorry, didn’t have time to post my own. You can check this out instead.
Vol. 57, Minor Blues IN All Keys For All Instruments (Book & CD Set)

Learn More

Minor Blues for Guitar: A Study In Melodic Chord Linkage (Fire and Form Series)

Mel Bay’s Modern Blues Private Lessons Series


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